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Tiny is writing from the heart – 11/30/10 November 30, 2010

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refer to song numba one for the title.

Hey, tomorrow’s one year exactly. Cool.

So last time we spoke I had just started break, and today was my first day back. odsihosigh I am so excited to be done with high school you have no idea.

So0o0o I don’t remember what day exactly (November 4th ish) that Lil’ Wayne/Weezy got out of jail… but this has been this huge insanely popular topic around my school/area since he got put in. Seriously, I saw ‘free weezy’ shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts, etc. daily. And it just made me wonder if this was quite so big and supported in Cali, Colorado, Georgia, Texas, Canada… he had a shitload of supporters at my school… Patrick didn’t even know who Lil’ Wayne was. It never really feels like you guys live in completely different states/countries from me so it always kind of surprises me when you don’t know about things that are just a part of my daily life. Like none of you knew what Wawa and you refer to them as “Philly Cheesesteaks”. I don’t know where I was going with this.

I just signed up for Stumble Upon… bad choice. BAD. CHOICE.

OH LOVELY MY BROTHER JUST THREW UP OK omg siohsohoihsoi do not WANT do not want!sdoighdoi save meeeeee blaaarrggHHHGHGHGHH

um tuesday i hung out with madison and jess WHAT A BIG FAT SURPRISE we watched Grown Ups which was kind of disappointing….. ngl. wednesday i don’t really remember what i did?!?!? thursday was thanksgiving and in the morning it started snowing and shiz and then laura and i went to the thanksgiving day football game and met up with madison and it was too cold so we just left, but we won. and then i went to my grandparents’ house and it was boring? idek. it was seriously terribly boring. then i was SUPPOSED to go black friday shopping but my dad refused to wake me up and my alarm LOL never went off 😐 so i slept until 930 when my dad decided to wake me up and by then it was too late. then i went and visited with my mom and cleared some shit up.

saturday jess’s little brother zach had a surprise party and so i went over with madison and kathryn and decorated and shiz and so i hung out with a bunch of slutty 9th grade girls and horny boys and these kids who sit with us at lunch. and michael and jess too, of course. and so jess’s basement is like divided into two sections and the seniors/michael sat on one side and had oodles of fun actually. then sunday and monday i worked on HOMEWORK ALL DAY YAY! 😐

um so for some reason my phone won’t let me delete my texts without freezing and so0o0o i’ve been sitting here for about an hour deleting all 600+ texts from my twitter thread. it’s been AWESOME!


that’s kind of it

this blog took forever to write wtf~~~



/scatter brain blog



My power rangers got married and divorced in so many combinations they were like fleetwood mac November 29, 2010

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-Kurt on Glee

Soooo yeah

I like glee. I think i said that in my last blog. I feel like im comming out again. I guess it’s the same thing. Liking glee and being gay. Whateverz.

Soooooo, i started new classes today.

First hora is Spainglish dos which is kind of sort of FML i have to be at school on time now. Which i havn’t had to do since freshman year. My first hour, by sheer luck has always been one of those retarded classes where you can show up as late as you want.

Second hora would be US history. ZOMG this is going to be such a funny class. The teacher says mmkay just like the teacher on south park, I SHIT YOU NOT. And “alright”. I litterally almost cryed from laughing so hard today. It’s so awkward and funny and awkward.

Third hour is Video production 2 which ive already taken and not really excited about

Fourth hour is Chem with a teacher i like

Fifth is Airbrush with the teacher that i hang out and make ceramics with. Fantastical.

Debate practice is pissing me off. I kind of had to take control today. I ended up straight up yelling at a guy insulting him in funny ways and shit.

So i just want to tell everyone that sam from glee is the most attractive thing that has ever come to earth. Evar. Honestly. Google that shit.

Sewwwwwww, yeah people are being lame again.

I wanted to make a vlog like ken but i had deabate and lost patience and time.

You’re so beautiful when you’re wrong, still so beautiful when you’re wrong.

That’s from a song.

Bye i guess. I didn’t really talk about anything. Sorry.



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I love that movie.

Anyhow. I can’t talk aboput recent happenings in a blog, really, so I will explain int he NWB chat. Sorry about that folks. I just dont feel comfortable putting it out there. Int he meantime, here’s this:




I should probably stop while I’m ahead…except I’m not ahead at all. November 25, 2010

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So I was all like “IMMA DO A VLOG!” and i did one. And it’s boring. I am not a youtube celeb yet. but oh…og you wait. That shit will be crazy. I will be the next homelyboy21 (lol get it? cause…lonelygirl15…youtube). Can’t even…take…the lolz.

So full of fail i can’t even.

Anyway so this week. My dad is in the hospital right now. He has something wrong with his pancreas due to his drinking. He said this was a wakeup call and that he was going to stop. I hope he does. It was scary. Me and my sister told him we couldn’t watch him keep doing that to himself and said we’d leave him alone. I think that set in. I hope it did.

Next week is when i start to hear about housing in kennesaw. I really hope i get in. Thats the determining factor for if i go to kennesaw next semester. Im really nervous. Im definitely hoping i get in. And im debating on just biting the bullet and commuting there next semester so im actually a student there. We’ll see.

Thats basically it. I’ve been reading a book about the ego and the id that my counselor told me to read. Its definitely interesting. I’ll write more about it when i finish it. Anyway. Thats my fail up above and you can watch and laugh at how boring and bad it is.

Idk if ive shown this before but its lol so watch it anyway.

i wish you all the best this week.


Shoo Fly! don’t bother me! 11-25-10

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Haha theres a fly buzzing around my face right now. It’s probably because I ate dinner in here with kiara. Its keekend. That means that I am devoting almost my entire weekend/breath/body/mind/soul to kiara fucking D. yeah. It’s intense. we hung out a shitload today. Which was enjoyable. I didn’t realize how much I really missed her until we were together again. I’ve been so busy with batboy, and everything. Kiara is an amazing friend and stuck by me through like..all the troubles and stress of the past month. And she came and saw my show! which was hilarious, because everyone in my group came and saw my show except for one person! My friend, *****!! She had better things to do. Like go to a party!! so fun. sooooo fun.

lolz she wrote me a letter and sent it in the mail with an apology.. which i was really suprised about. But yeah we are cool. It’s cool. the situation is cool.

This morning I made pie. Cranberry-Apple Crumble Pie! It smells delicious and I cant wait to start eating it tomorrow. Even though I hate pies. I hate hate hate pies.


all types. but my mom let me choose which type of pie i could make today, and i chose the crumble one because I guessed that it was like Apple crumble… SEW SMART! And I love apple crumble!!

It’s almost thanksgiving guys. I remember last year for thanksgiving in my blog I argued about whether or not Canada was epic enough to celebrate the true Thanksgiving holiday. Which they still arent.

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you. each and every one of you. Even if you arent a part of the blog and read it every week. Even if you are a part of the blog and don’t really appreciate my current behaviors. Even if you were part of the blog and arent anymore. My life has been enriched because of each and every one of you. I have learned so much being a part of this group, I have learned so much from each and every one of you individually, and I appreciate the strength you all have given me. I appreciate the passion we all have to keep this blog alive. I appreciate the mistakes we make, because they may turn some of us away, they may start fights, but they are what keep us together. They are how we learn.




^ ❤

So bat boy went really good. besides the first night, when the lightboard assploded and nothing worked and we had like a 8 minute pseudo-intermission where everyone awkwardly chatted and the lights were up everywhere. It was so awkward. I went onstage to put on my podium because I’m the mayor and thats how I do and my dad goes “megannnnnnnn” in an extremely low voice. I freaked out.

But yeah the rest of the shows went pretty good. Even though during the last show when there was maybe… 6 minutes left the fire alarm went off and the entire building got evacuated. That was great… especially since the cappies and macys were there. Definitely a great show. But actually i think the audience became more supportive. But still.. no excuses. the gosh darn fire-alarm went off.

Here’s some pictures.

<– so hot right now.

LOLOLOLOL I dont know what this is… it was recommended since i pulled out the rainbow connection

Back to pictures because I’m so interesting.

<— my red dress is soooo sensual.


…random.. but chya bra.kiara and i had a camera fight today at cha. cha for tea. a tea place. in case no one caught that little bit.

okay so kiara and I have been playing the new nancy drew game today. SHADOW AT THE WATERS EDGE. It’s pretty intense. we screamed and cried a few times. sketchy stuff happens! its like the grudge… but better. ITS SO SCURRY. we havent beat it yet and i have a feeling scary things are going to happen. this lady from the water keeps creepin around and scaring me and slamming all the doors and flickering the lights and breaking mirrors and being a bad-ass.

I think thats it.. lemme go check and see if there are anymore hilarious pictures of me from the show! BURBZ.

<— I’m in pain. the hotness radar is just screaming.

yeah. thats it. Have a great thanksgiving everyone. ❤ eat food. be merry.



Tiny’s 52nd blog – 11/23/10 November 23, 2010

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it’s also my brother’s birthday today… he’s 10. it’s weird.

so0o0o yeah. december 1st will be a full 365 days, but this is my 52nd blog… so i have posted a blog every single tuesday for blasically a year. that’s crazy. i’m not going to talk about how no one posted blogs except meg, byron, and i because it’s pointless. the same thing happened that happened on nerdship2009.

i got the giraffe sex t-shirt :3

um… i don’t know what else to talk about. i saw harry freakin’ potter on saturday with lauren and her friends (it was fucking awesome). then i watched charlie st. cloud with my aunt sunday… it was kind of disappointing to be honest, zac efron’s still gorgus, but that movie was just… very meh to me. then i went to see harry potter again with laura and it was even better. the only things i didn’t like was that dudley didn’t say anything to harry before he left… they just… left 😐 i felt like dudley telling harry he accepted him or whatever was pretty important… but maybe they’ll put something in the second part. then i was also disappointed that they didn’t show luna’s room when they went to visit xenophilius lovegood. i was SO excited, then it just wasn’t there… but whatever. i like the visual in my head better.

i don’t really have anything else to talk about. it’s thanksgiving break finally. i’m writing a short story that’s like the opposite of alice in wonderland in creative writing. my creative writing teacher also gave me the second book in the hunger games which i’ll read over break. i’m reading suite scarlett by maureen johnson and it’s kind of loltastic. MAUREEN JOHNSON’S FROM PHILLY TOO. HA. just saying.

I can half ass blogs, too.




Harry Potter and the Brotherly Love November 22, 2010

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So apparently Catie, Megan, and I are the only ones that still write blogs.

For that, we deserve bobble head dolls made of us in china for insanly cheap, and sold extremely high. Tep, IDEK.

So i had a pretty supermegawesomefoxyhot week. Well school was school as usual and and then friday arived. Sooooooo we loaded up on deh bus as usual and drove far far away to a land un-known. I watched Iron man dos en el autobus with una chico muy guapo (same chico mentioned in blog previous) (on that note, for those of  you who actually read my blogs, i mentioned two characters, boy who i got hem hem “involved” with, and girl who lacks neck yet did beter than me. Welllllllllp. They’re dating know.IIIIIIIIIKKKKKKKKKKRRRRRRRR?!?!?!?!?!?) wellz we hung out and talked and made dirty jokes as per usual. Thenz we arrived at the hotel and i threw ice cubes at people in the pool and played a 1980’s version of trival persuit wherein we found the number to the White House, called it, and asked to talk to the president. He wasn’t there. Disapoint. Then we watched across the universe and then we ran around the hotel and then we watched family guy then we attempted to go to sleep and yeah that didn’t really happen.

Soooooo here comes chapter two of Byronald Seducing straight boys.

Oopps i did it again

Soooooo this time it happened because we were in a bed…sharing con  mi amigo Matt, who is generally hillarious and such. Well we were joking around and supprisingly he was acting more gay than i was(jokingly) so yeah we stayed up untill 2 in the morning talking and….messing around.(bassicallythisincludedmegivinghhimabackmassagethatlastedanhourandahalfandyeahsomeotherthings)


Then we wake up about 2.5 hours later, shower, scarf some food, ride bus to school, wait about 10 minutes, go to debate draw, prep and debate.

I’m not going to keep you in suspence here, i got third place. FUCK YEAH RED DEAD REDEEMED MY SELF.

So i got my grading sheets back and i won all three of my debates, the only thing keeping me from second or first was one of my low scores. I averaged a 47.666666. (that’s good).

The first resolved was winning is more important than fair play and i took the negatory

second was schools are justified in punishing students for behavior outside of school and i was affirmative.

and third was some complex wording about how the government is justified in patting down and scanning people at air ports and i was affirmative

Fun times. You guys should have felt my heart beating before hand, you would not have belived. I feel like i have so much pressure this year. I have to be better than that girl and the rest of my team, im the captian and i have to win. I litterally all most passed out from relief when they said third. So the bus ride home was genarlly lol and fun and loud and singy. We sing like a glee club

ON THAT NOTE. Darren criss was on glee, so i watched out of obligation for my love of AVPM/S and i am now a glee tard.

So then we get home at a resalonable hour and we all decided to go to harry poter together since we’re nerds, so i drive home to get money and breifly say hi to mi padre and show off my award when out of no where is my brother. So i litterally yelled and had a minor freak out before having a T.V like reaction hugging him while inspirational music played. Then i wisked him off to harry potter where i had to shut up this girl next to me who takes harry potter just as seriously, and explain everything to my brother.

On that note, my review of harry potter. ..

So, before we start i need to say that i liked it, what folows may mislead you and not agree with that at all. I was kind of let down after all the hype. Yes, i understand it’s the second to last movie so it’s a big deal; buuuuuuuuuuut it just wasn’t what i expected. After those incredible trailers and schtuff , there was hardly an explosion or duel. I think probably the biggest problem i had with the movie was the fact that Neither Bill or Charlie had been in any movies untill now. They dedicated about 6.5 seconds to explaining him. “Oh, hey im Bill, these scars on my face were a major aspect of the last book and it’s kind of a big deal but whatever i’ll just explain it with one line” Also, mundungus’s part was rather minor when in reality he bassically sold/gave the horcrux to umbridge. ANOTHER thing, Kreachers alligiance is a pretty big deal in this book and they again fastforwarded through it in about 3 seconds. I also feel like the grindelwald bit was a little short and minor…On the good side, tom felton and rupert grint…….yes, i would like some of that. Please. HNNNNNG. Overall, pretty good.

Sooooo I fought with megan over stupid things, and i’d rather not go into it. All i want to say is this.

It’s easy for me to say things over the internet that may be in-sensitive or offensive, because i don’t see you. The emotinal distance is much greater. I say things that shouldn’t be said and would better off being left alone. So, my greatest OPPOLOGISES for my previous transgressions.