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Who are the bloggers? December 1, 2009

Hello, I am TBK. I am Canadian, I like sports and I am an engineering student at university. Legit dom. I like using gamer words in real life, too.



Hi, I’m Catie. I’m Pennsylvanian, therefore I like Wawa, potholes, and Hershey bars. Otherwise, I like music and post a song with my blog, and reading, art, history, Harry Potter, and driving. And it is now 11:11 so I’m going to make a wish, wash my face, and read Fight Club until 3am.



Hai! I’m Megan (Meggers, Gem, Kittenbearlulz, Justlisten786, Meganrita). I’m NOT Canadian, I’m Californian. I celebrate Thanksgiving. I’m a junior in HS where I like to sing, dance, and act. I’m a grammar nazi, but never say *you’re*, and usually don’t capitalize my I’s.


Oh Hai, im Ken…i flip bitches and bring the lulz. I also play the geetar and am a history major in college. I are a huge movie and music nerd and also like reading books. I also dont use correct grammar and im a complete newb at this so i’ll probably end up deleting the internet while trying to write a blog.


Hello, My name is BC

I live in this state called colorado. We have alot of snow. I hate sunlight. Im pale. I have acne problems. I have a dog… he poops somtimes. I listen to music. I like music. Ive never blogged before. I think im in charge of entertaining you on fridays. While everyone else is out having fun…. ill be here… writing a blog…..


Hola, I am Patika. I live in Texasland. I can be found in the forests in the East. I like Potter and food way too much and as I write this, I am having a mad craving for a bagel. If you rub my belly, I grant your wishes. Sleep well, my friend, for if you don’t, I may just venture out of your closet this time.


This is Stuart.

I’m a bookworm first and foremost. The written word is my obsession. Artistic endeavors make me happy. Amateur grammar Nazi in training. I have various interests that I largely don’t pursue. I live in Canada. I tend to get repetitive at times. I like pie. I take forever to start things like this, and I’m not so great at finishing them.


2 Responses to “Who are the bloggers?”

  1. possibly the funniest blog yet… dios mio, развивать содержания

    : ]
    Cheers, Catherine Marie

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