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lololololol free from school December 10, 2010

Filed under: Thursday — kellingtondewajingle @ 11:16 am

Yes this is late I know it. I was doing a study session last night with someone from my civ class cause i had my final today. Also got frozen yogurt whilst studying which was pretty much omnom. Anywhoozle i think i did okay. There were a few questions i wasn’t sure of but i got a lot of the extra credit.

I’m done with all my classes and now im just waiting for my grades to get posted. So fare i have one A. If i can pull off 3 A’s and a B i can apply for hope which means free tuition. Yes plz. Im still waiting to hear from kennesaw about dorming. They say i should hear word in a week or two so im crossin my fingers.

I have to do physical therapy again for my shoulder. Bummerz. But hopefully it’ll work. I need to stop working out when im stressed. I over do it and always do shit like this, but its really the only thing that de-stresses me.

I can’t think of anything else right now. I’m less bummed about everything going on right now. My dads been sober since hes been sick and money issues seem to be less of a burden right now. Theres still some things that are still holding me down but i cant really talk about that now.

Welcome new peeps. You guys are pretty much awesome…i guess you can blog with us…i guess. Lololol half three. But seriously im excited about you guys writin.

Tonight I’m going to kennesaw to party it up with some friends. Its been a while since I’ve hung out with them and im pretty excited about that too.

Also one of my friends knocked up a girl and hes like..committing himself to marry the girl and raising the kid. His birthdays tomorrow so I’m going to chill with him.

That seems to be happening a lot now. Friends from highschool are talking about their kids and being married and shit. Its weird. I feel like left out, but I’m in no way ready to get married or be a father yet. It’s really weird to think I’m going to be 22 in a few weeks. My plan was to be married by 25 or 26…thats like..3 years from now. Scary thought. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if i meet the right person by then. I wouldn’t mind marrying later honestly but I wanna be a dad too…too old…do not want.


Subscribe to this chick. Shes the girl that i did that one song cover of. She’s doing a song everyday for 100 days. We talked through youtube for a while and shes really nice and super talented. She needs the subscribers.

I wish you all the best this week.


One Response to “lololololol free from school”

  1. catie via celly Says:

    Yay kennesaw. YAY. GET DORMING. DO IT.
    Some of my classmates have kids…. lawl wat. No seriously we have a nursery school… IN my school. In it. Hawkward.
    Boopboop boop.

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