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WANTED, NEW BLOGGER. December 6, 2010

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Must have the ability to be friendly

Must have the ability to care about the project

Must have the ability to care about other people

Must actually write blogs

Must not not act superior to everyone else.

Must not be a narcissist


Yes, im going there.

Patrick, my dear and loving soul mate. I hope all is well. To quote a great hypocrite

“I hate people who make BS arguments for completely no reason on ANY medium and are not prepared to handle a rebuttal.”

Although your latest and greatest blog may perhaps not be an argument, i feel the need to rebuttle.

In reference to your loving, endeering, and joyfull paragraph directed at me ; i once again see a juicy controdiciton.

“I am a very literal person and when there is very little substance besides a few facts and a big fuck you, it makes me cringe and makes me want to disprove their statement”

Now personally, upon the review of the play i see that there was NOTHING besides a big fuck you and a fake happy ending. Don’t get me wrong, i hated you too. All along. Perhaps we “got off on the wrong foot”, or perhaps it was just fate that we would discover each others foil. The thing is, you complete me. While i care about the people in the blog, and the blog in general, you clearly don’t. While i generally like people, you generally hate them. While i generally care about things in life, you are the apathetic lump of carbon that refuses to do so. I must say, not caring has it benefits. You have no obligation to be nice to people. You have no requirement to abide by general courtesy. You have no obligation to even talk to people.

Now, i wish i could say this was ALL true; but the fact is you, do care about some things. You care about the wrong things. You care about yourself more than others. You care about correcting and arguing every point. You care about your first love.

She didn’t love you back. That’s not her fault. Get over yourself. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone adheres to what YOU want.

I’d like to say, its been fun; but im opposed to outright lieing. We fought over the stupidest shit. You were a total dick to me, for no reason. i tryed being nice to you, i tryed to find a common bond with you several times. Pokemon, being mean to DJ, music, movies, and sports. No matter how many times i tryed, it never got better. We would get in a retarded fight over retarded shit. Have a symbolic break up, and get back together. The fact is Patrick, im breaking up with you. It’s not me, it’s you. You just need to focus on yourself right now. You should see other people.

Now, to directly talk about your endeering paragraph to me.

I hated you. I hated you a lot. You were the most annoying kid I’ve ever met in my life. You still could win that title. You think you’re the King of Kings and everything is about you. Theres such thing as douchebags who are also gay. Them being gay has nothing to do with being dicks. Recently, not so much. I don’t hate you anymore. I’m sorry.

How is it that i act like the king of kings? I honestly want to know, so i don’t end up like you. You act more superior than anyone else i’ve met. The fact is, you’re not that great.

The thing about “theres such a thing as douchebags who are also gay, them being gay has nothing to do with being dicks.” Well, if you actually belived this, why did you even have to bring up the word “gay”. My sexuality has nothing to do with this. Fuck off.

Now, i know how this sounds. Like im acting perfect and you’re not. I know i’m not perfect. I know i have problems. The only thing i can say is this. At the age of 16, i feel as if i know more about people, love, friendship, and caring than you ever will. Your blatent disregard for others bothers me. Your last blog was nothing short of un-neccesary and rude. Congratulations, you  sucessfully half-assed and entire year of blogs, broke your own heart, and created all sorts of problems for yourself. Have a happy life.


So hi. I got first place at my last debate meet. This a pretty fucking big deal. This is the best i’ve done at a meet, ever.

School has been kind of new and exciting since it got my new classes. We started a grafatti unit in air brush, its pretty amazing. I have a totally new outlook on grafatti. It’s not a crime, its art. We don’t really have any around here but he showed us some awesome peices from new york, la and paris. Then we watched a movie in class while doing stuff. It’s pretty much an amazing class.

So that bitchy first part of my blog was serious, we need two new bloggers. We never really put in an effort after stuart left. I refuse to let this blog die, even if i personally am the only one who writes blogs. Im not done. You all have changed my life so much. You were some of the first people i came out to. You guys listen to me. You care about me. You accept me. I honestly value you guys. Even if we’re not always online to talk, or text, or video call. We’re still here for each other. Nothing will destory that. I will folow you guys, watch you sleep, and breath in your ear before i let you go.

I wish you all the best this week



9 Responses to “WANTED, NEW BLOGGER.”

  1. theblackknightisawesome Says:

    Two things, who was my first love? and three bloggers*.

  2. justlisten786 Says:

    that wasnt what i was referring to.

  3. lolololololol Says:

    the awkward in here is palpable.

  4. RHP Says:

    I love this post more than you know. I can tell you’re a forensic master.

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