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Shoo Fly! don’t bother me! 11-25-10 November 25, 2010

Filed under: Wednesday — justlisten786 @ 12:19 am

Haha theres a fly buzzing around my face right now. It’s probably because I ate dinner in here with kiara. Its keekend. That means that I am devoting almost my entire weekend/breath/body/mind/soul to kiara fucking D. yeah. It’s intense. we hung out a shitload today. Which was enjoyable. I didn’t realize how much I really missed her until we were together again. I’ve been so busy with batboy, and everything. Kiara is an amazing friend and stuck by me through like..all the troubles and stress of the past month. And she came and saw my show! which was hilarious, because everyone in my group came and saw my show except for one person! My friend, *****!! She had better things to do. Like go to a party!! so fun. sooooo fun.

lolz she wrote me a letter and sent it in the mail with an apology.. which i was really suprised about. But yeah we are cool. It’s cool. the situation is cool.

This morning I made pie. Cranberry-Apple Crumble Pie! It smells delicious and I cant wait to start eating it tomorrow. Even though I hate pies. I hate hate hate pies.


all types. but my mom let me choose which type of pie i could make today, and i chose the crumble one because I guessed that it was like Apple crumble… SEW SMART! And I love apple crumble!!

It’s almost thanksgiving guys. I remember last year for thanksgiving in my blog I argued about whether or not Canada was epic enough to celebrate the true Thanksgiving holiday. Which they still arent.

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you. each and every one of you. Even if you arent a part of the blog and read it every week. Even if you are a part of the blog and don’t really appreciate my current behaviors. Even if you were part of the blog and arent anymore. My life has been enriched because of each and every one of you. I have learned so much being a part of this group, I have learned so much from each and every one of you individually, and I appreciate the strength you all have given me. I appreciate the passion we all have to keep this blog alive. I appreciate the mistakes we make, because they may turn some of us away, they may start fights, but they are what keep us together. They are how we learn.




^ ❤

So bat boy went really good. besides the first night, when the lightboard assploded and nothing worked and we had like a 8 minute pseudo-intermission where everyone awkwardly chatted and the lights were up everywhere. It was so awkward. I went onstage to put on my podium because I’m the mayor and thats how I do and my dad goes “megannnnnnnn” in an extremely low voice. I freaked out.

But yeah the rest of the shows went pretty good. Even though during the last show when there was maybe… 6 minutes left the fire alarm went off and the entire building got evacuated. That was great… especially since the cappies and macys were there. Definitely a great show. But actually i think the audience became more supportive. But still.. no excuses. the gosh darn fire-alarm went off.

Here’s some pictures.

<– so hot right now.

LOLOLOLOL I dont know what this is… it was recommended since i pulled out the rainbow connection

Back to pictures because I’m so interesting.

<— my red dress is soooo sensual.


…random.. but chya bra.kiara and i had a camera fight today at cha. cha for tea. a tea place. in case no one caught that little bit.

okay so kiara and I have been playing the new nancy drew game today. SHADOW AT THE WATERS EDGE. It’s pretty intense. we screamed and cried a few times. sketchy stuff happens! its like the grudge… but better. ITS SO SCURRY. we havent beat it yet and i have a feeling scary things are going to happen. this lady from the water keeps creepin around and scaring me and slamming all the doors and flickering the lights and breaking mirrors and being a bad-ass.

I think thats it.. lemme go check and see if there are anymore hilarious pictures of me from the show! BURBZ.

<— I’m in pain. the hotness radar is just screaming.

yeah. thats it. Have a great thanksgiving everyone. ❤ eat food. be merry.



6 Responses to “Shoo Fly! don’t bother me! 11-25-10”

  1. kdizzle Says:

    bitches dont know about keekend.
    dont even question this shit.

    sorry for my profanity

    • kellingtondewajingle Says:

      What the shit is this? I’ve never been so fucking offended by profanity in my whole fuckin life. Motherfuckin honestly. Damn.

      Also, BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…bear suit.

      • kdizzle Says:

        fuck. im so fucking sorry for fucking offending you.
        shit that was so fucking rude of me. i fucking apologize.

        kkkkkkkkkkkkkk bye bitchez

  2. ronaldweasly Says:

    What is this fuckery? We will have no profanityz in this fucking joint. Shit tyrone clean up your language. Goddammit my entire day has been ruined.

    This is kind of odd, your friends read your blogs. Crazy shit. Hi there kdizzle.
    Congratzulationz on your play. It looked all sorts of sucessfull.
    Lolz the last picture of the kid with the overalls and yeah, lolz.
    I don’t think we can be friends anymore, since you don’t like pie. Honestly. Are you some sort of un-american communist? Pie is what our country is based on.
    Im thankfull for all of you guys too. legit.

    • justlisten786 Says:

      yeah they do read my blogs, actually! its quite hilar and they love when i write about them. 🙂 i know a few people that read it every week.
      but yeah omg the kid with overalls looks like hes gettin crunk.
      and pie… gah.

  3. Catie Says:

    i feel all awkward now that i know that your friends read this ish
    LAWL YAY BATBOY i’m glad your shows went well 😀
    nancy drew…. hahahahahaha <3333
    andDdDdD um. pie is fucking wonderful. wtf
    are you insane

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