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Harry Potter and the Brotherly Love November 22, 2010

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So apparently Catie, Megan, and I are the only ones that still write blogs.

For that, we deserve bobble head dolls made of us in china for insanly cheap, and sold extremely high. Tep, IDEK.

So i had a pretty supermegawesomefoxyhot week. Well school was school as usual and and then friday arived. Sooooooo we loaded up on deh bus as usual and drove far far away to a land un-known. I watched Iron man dos en el autobus with una chico muy guapo (same chico mentioned in blog previous) (on that note, for those of  you who actually read my blogs, i mentioned two characters, boy who i got hem hem “involved” with, and girl who lacks neck yet did beter than me. Welllllllllp. They’re dating know.IIIIIIIIIKKKKKKKKKKRRRRRRRR?!?!?!?!?!?) wellz we hung out and talked and made dirty jokes as per usual. Thenz we arrived at the hotel and i threw ice cubes at people in the pool and played a 1980’s version of trival persuit wherein we found the number to the White House, called it, and asked to talk to the president. He wasn’t there. Disapoint. Then we watched across the universe and then we ran around the hotel and then we watched family guy then we attempted to go to sleep and yeah that didn’t really happen.

Soooooo here comes chapter two of Byronald Seducing straight boys.

Oopps i did it again

Soooooo this time it happened because we were in a bed…sharing con  mi amigo Matt, who is generally hillarious and such. Well we were joking around and supprisingly he was acting more gay than i was(jokingly) so yeah we stayed up untill 2 in the morning talking and….messing around.(bassicallythisincludedmegivinghhimabackmassagethatlastedanhourandahalfandyeahsomeotherthings)


Then we wake up about 2.5 hours later, shower, scarf some food, ride bus to school, wait about 10 minutes, go to debate draw, prep and debate.

I’m not going to keep you in suspence here, i got third place. FUCK YEAH RED DEAD REDEEMED MY SELF.

So i got my grading sheets back and i won all three of my debates, the only thing keeping me from second or first was one of my low scores. I averaged a 47.666666. (that’s good).

The first resolved was winning is more important than fair play and i took the negatory

second was schools are justified in punishing students for behavior outside of school and i was affirmative.

and third was some complex wording about how the government is justified in patting down and scanning people at air ports and i was affirmative

Fun times. You guys should have felt my heart beating before hand, you would not have belived. I feel like i have so much pressure this year. I have to be better than that girl and the rest of my team, im the captian and i have to win. I litterally all most passed out from relief when they said third. So the bus ride home was genarlly lol and fun and loud and singy. We sing like a glee club

ON THAT NOTE. Darren criss was on glee, so i watched out of obligation for my love of AVPM/S and i am now a glee tard.

So then we get home at a resalonable hour and we all decided to go to harry poter together since we’re nerds, so i drive home to get money and breifly say hi to mi padre and show off my award when out of no where is my brother. So i litterally yelled and had a minor freak out before having a T.V like reaction hugging him while inspirational music played. Then i wisked him off to harry potter where i had to shut up this girl next to me who takes harry potter just as seriously, and explain everything to my brother.

On that note, my review of harry potter. ..

So, before we start i need to say that i liked it, what folows may mislead you and not agree with that at all. I was kind of let down after all the hype. Yes, i understand it’s the second to last movie so it’s a big deal; buuuuuuuuuuut it just wasn’t what i expected. After those incredible trailers and schtuff , there was hardly an explosion or duel. I think probably the biggest problem i had with the movie was the fact that Neither Bill or Charlie had been in any movies untill now. They dedicated about 6.5 seconds to explaining him. “Oh, hey im Bill, these scars on my face were a major aspect of the last book and it’s kind of a big deal but whatever i’ll just explain it with one line” Also, mundungus’s part was rather minor when in reality he bassically sold/gave the horcrux to umbridge. ANOTHER thing, Kreachers alligiance is a pretty big deal in this book and they again fastforwarded through it in about 3 seconds. I also feel like the grindelwald bit was a little short and minor…On the good side, tom felton and rupert grint…….yes, i would like some of that. Please. HNNNNNG. Overall, pretty good.

Sooooo I fought with megan over stupid things, and i’d rather not go into it. All i want to say is this.

It’s easy for me to say things over the internet that may be in-sensitive or offensive, because i don’t see you. The emotinal distance is much greater. I say things that shouldn’t be said and would better off being left alone. So, my greatest OPPOLOGISES for my previous transgressions.



3 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Brotherly Love”

  1. catieola Says:

    byron you man whore you.
    yay for third place.
    iaoshoifsh harry potteroidrhgois

  2. Britany Says:

    Haha I second everything Catie said. I love your blogs muchly

  3. Andyeahsomeotherthings Says:

    ‘Grats on thirdsies too.

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