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Byronald is Dumbledore. November 15, 2010

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Well, the new Harry Potter movie comes out at the end of this week. NBD.

I almost kissed a boy this weekend. NBD.

I got second in the event i don’t give a fuck about in speech and debate. NBD.

I did terribly in the event i care about. BD.

Where the hell to start? So i think the most important and ground breaking news here is obviously item number 2. How how how does one explain such a groud breaking experience as this? So, this weekend we had a 6 hour bus ride to Alamosa, both ways. Last year there were about 10 of us on the team, this year? 33. Back in my day we all had our own row on the bus, litterally nobody had to share. BUT NOW. Silly little noobs be joining my team. I own this shit. GTFO. I also showed up late, and had to share. apoidsfuapoisfjapoiudfs. Not happy. But don’t you worry, Byronald is always prepaired. I bringed with me a foam pad, a giant pillow, and sleeping bag. I made that isle my bitch. I slept all the fuck over it. Not really slept so much as sat there and talked and sang and hung out. Then people got down on the floor with me and we all hung out and schtuff. I made friends with this girl named Maddy who was a fan of fun and randomly would sing with me and feed me kisses.

Then there was Christian, you can see where this is going. He debates and shit and and and one night he came over for enchaladas. YEAH IDK HOW TO SPELL IT. Well then we hung out and talked about his life. It’s really interesting but now isn’t the time. So  i always joke around with guys and act all gay but folow it with just kidding. I guess its’s me not really joking and using it as a coping tool with being in the closet. Welp i did said activity with him. He was a good sport and played along. We played the nervous game, and lets just say….he wasn’t very shy. LAWL GET IT?!?!!? Yeah and said detail happened twice. Chea. Legit. Well then events happened at the debate and and well we’ll talk about that later. Then on the ride home, we played some MORE nervous game obviously this time i had a goal in mind. Well then i was messing around with people later in the trip, and i said to two girls “I’ll kiss christian if you kiss Kelsey” and that of course everyone laughed, and i said “lol just kidding” at which point, he got on the ground with me. Soooooo yeah, my heart skipped a beat. So i was just joking around and i all leaned forward and put my hand on his shoulder. Then he leaned closer and yeah. So it was like that for about 15 seconds then he moved away. Bassically him and i achived more in one bus ride than every middle school relationship ever. We don’t fuck around with the nervous game.


So the meet. I went, i debated twice. (only two rounds at this meet because its so far away and they don’t want it to last too long) One of the debates had two judges so bassically it is like three rounds. So i thought i did pretty well. Then in the afternoon, i did impromptu ( you get 3 topics and youg get 5 minutes to prep and have to make a speech between 3 and five minutes ) Im pretty good at this event, but don’t take it seriously at all.

Welp awards came around and i got an excellence in debate, again. FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK  yeah, i think we went over this. Judges are stupid. ( Im not cocky at all, and you know it, but i know when i’ve won and i think i won both of those debates rather than one.) Well, then my coach has the AUDACITY to say that “Stephanie is the greatest asset to our team right now” Stephanie= ugly sophmore who has no neck (i actually think i showed you guys her FB profile pic) lawl its ugly. Welp she’s never beaten me in practice, and never beaten me score wise. She got fourth FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK






So that made me obviously feel in-adequite. Well i did my usual thing, where im on the verge of tears and cover it up by being extremely mean and blunt in clever ways. So then i get on the bus, lie down. Sing loudly. Yell, scream, and generally express my anger. I totally re-wrote the words to the song jumper by third eye blind

First stanza goes like this

“I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend,

Cut ties with all your excellence ribbons,

AANNNNDDD, If you do not want to debate ever again, I WOULD UNDERSTANNNNDDDDDDD”

Well i reviewed that little bitches shit, and averaged her scores. She averages 45.666. I average 48.666. LITTLE WHORE FUCK OFF I AM BETTER THAN YOU STOP BEING A WHORE WITHOUT A NECK. Well i’m stilly angry, and stuff.

But i felt better.

So, it’s almost been a year since we started this. And we are STILL falling apart. But hey, we ALMOST made it a year with our whole team.

I just want to let you guys know that i’ve made some of the best friends ever. i love you guys.

I don’t care if you don’t love me back, i love the fuck out of you.

I thought this picture was funny.



and a funny picture about potatoes?

and a funny picture sequence? SURE




there ye go.

Have a nice week you all.

Stay safe, sober, sexy, super,and sassy.


3 Responses to “Byronald is Dumbledore.”

  1. God bless you Google, for finding this post 🙂

  2. Catie Says:

    byrondfohihsoihsogi <3333
    and i'm sorry turtle woman's 45 was clearly better than your 48….. 🙂

  3. Britany Says:

    You very obviously are the master debater, byron. also lol @ master debater because i didnt even notice it until after.

    akjdgvbhkbsdf at your almost killing a boy story. just jlsdnbghsfgv. i love you.

    and HARRY POTTER OMG! I get to go tomorrow (Thursday) night for an advanced screening. I am peeing. my. pants. You should join. It would be fun. and by that I mean join in going to the advanced screening. not in peeing my pants. that would just be awkward.

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