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I wont get out alive, no I won’t sleep tonight 11-10-10 November 10, 2010

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I have rehearsal like… every day. today its from 6 to 10 oclock. I dont like it. I want to sleep. I don’t get sleep anymore.

This blog is fast because im leaving soon to go get dinner and then go to rehearsal then go STAR GAZING. HOLY SHIT IM BRINGING A TELESCOPE.

yeahhhh. It’s going to be fun. 🙂

Tomorrow we dont have school. It’s veterans day.

I mean… I’m so busy and stuff but I’m enjoying it until I’m not enjoying it because of tiredness.

We wrote sonnets in class for english. I wrote one about my grandma, who is still like… in the same state she was last time i talked about her. Alzheimers isnt good.

We had to make them anonymous and pass them around the class then friday I guess we find out whose is best. heres mine.

Mom misses the memories you cant keep

The way you used to hold her close and sing

Portuguese lullabies, rock her to sleep

But now VaVa, we have nothing to cling


To, no everlasting hope for a cure

Although you forget, your soul is alive

With Eternal love that will never blur

Through the sorrow, this love will always thrive


Save her, save me, save us, that is my plea

Don’t let it take me and pull me away

Grandmother, The pain you suffer, I see

I’d save you from it if there were a way



The forgotten memories grandma, oh

I love you my Vava, Eu te Amo


yes? no? maybe so?


sorry for the short blog im rushing my life.

❤ megan


2 Responses to “I wont get out alive, no I won’t sleep tonight 11-10-10”

  1. Britany Says:

    Yes! I hope you win! That was so good, I even teared! And I haaaaaaaaaaate poetry. ❤

    I hope you had fun star gazinng 🙂 and you've been practicing so much that there's no way this show wont kick ass haha

  2. catie via celly Says:

    Fuck you my poems suck holy tits hahahah meg that was great.

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