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I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!!! -5/12/10 May 12, 2010

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kay so. I agree with catie. I take the blame for some of it. I’ve been slacking. But…. we all need to give more effort, i mean im glad we are comfortable with each other but its common courtesy to comment on each others blogs to make sure we all know that we fucking have been reading them.

if this doesnt work im literally fucking a duck.


kay so i got asked to prom today by this boy who i find extremely annoying.

he texted me during third period : text 1: “hey you want to go with me?”  text 2: “from i****” (im hiding his name cuz thats embarassing)

and i was all, text a: “to what??” (even though i knew very well what.)

and he was all, text 3: “to prom. with me”


so i called my mom and was like WHAT SHOULD I DO OMG and she was all AWWEE MEGAN AWWEEE

so then i went text b: “thank you so much for asking me but I was actually hoping someone else would ask me”

and it took him like an hour to respond and he was all, text 4: “oh thats cool.”


so i was talking about it in 5th period and this one girl comes up to me and goes, “when did i**** ask you?”

and i was all, “3rd period” and she was all

“ya he texted me during second asking the same thing”



whatever the deed has been done.


besides that things have been uneventful. i shopped online yesterday.


i tried out for the fall musical today. batboy. i got call backs. they are tomorrow. wish me good luck. i hope i get in because i really enjoy theatre and all it entails. i mean i cant imagine myself being on broadway. well… i can, but i cant imagine the waiting, for years, for the big break to start my career. Its so unlikly that i would make it that far.

We celebrated my grandmas birthday a week ago. The night before she went and saw my play… i talked to her about it the next day and she didnt remember ever going at all.

Its scary i guess… especially when it starts to involve my life. I almost started crying when she was like, “whats the wiz?” Just… crying for the life thats been lost. She’s lived her entire life, fully and happily, only to forget it in the time she needs it the most. its so fucking annoying. like why does life have to be that way for alzheimers patients? whats the point? whats the point of living if you are going to forget it all?

-cue megans sad music-


random facts:

1.) i dream of color-coordinating my closet.

2.) I hate when people tell me i dont appreciate things. I do. almost everything.

3.) I still hate what i look like.

4.) uhmmm…. my hair looks like i havent washed it when i washed it like 6 hours earlier.

5.) I kind of want to make out in a bounce house.

Im back on that healthy thing i did before. i think im gaining weight so now i have to totally restrict my diet. Im gradually going back to that.. it takes a few days usually. i cant go over 130 or else im going to be really angry with myself and depressed. so0o0o0o0o0o ugh. i hate this.




7 Responses to “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!!! -5/12/10”

  1. theblackknightisawesome Says:

    You shouldnt get depressed over your weight, theres plenty of other worse things in life, and good luck with your call backs, I’ll be thinking of you.

  2. kellingtondewajingle Says:

    That cat is totally controlling that roomba. There is no doubt about it…

    And lol at text message guy…what a lamer.

    I’m sorry about your grandma. That’s got to be rough..but at least shes not in pain. My great grandma had that and she thought i was my dad or her son for the longest time. But she seemed happy at least.

    And asklgaskjghsg you’re not fat…zomgah.

  3. You would literally make a lot of money if you sold the video of that. Just sayin’. And I like how you spell theatre right but not colour. Silly Americans.

    I see you suffer from Wimmins Syndrome, not surprising since you lack a Y chromosome. It still baffles me why people obsess over numbers on a scale. As long as you feel healthy, who cares about anything else?

  4. NotSoExperienced Says:

    I went through Dementia with and Alzheimers and whatever with a lot of my family. Especially my grandpa, it’s sad because being in a bit of a vegetative state was the only way I ever knew him and he was a brilliant. It’s a really difficult disease to have to live around, but you have to imagine from their point of view, can you imagine how frustrated your grandmother would be with herself? She certianly doesn’t want to forget. One plus about Alzheimers is, when they do remember, it’s an amazing moment. You just kind of have to live in the moment with people effected and remember what they were like then, not now. Good luck with your call backs too, m’dear.

  5. Catieola Says:

    *shits brick* omg
    WAT that guy? wat…. … just… wat. Why would you do that? Then expect to get away with it? I wish you and the other girl had both texted back telling him yes. How lol would that be… : D
    I'm sorry about your grandma, which sounds kind of insincere, but I know it must suck to have someone you love not remember things like that… especially since it was kind of a big event, chuno? : (
    I will legitimately stab you (…) if you say that : | Let's remember who's 5 ft 3 and is past 130lbs ok, ok. ok.
    You aren't fat. Being healthy and being fat are two toatsz different things… don't get all anorexic-bulimic on me gurl

  6. Patika Voom Says:

    Hey Meg! In 2 weeks, I’m gonna go in a bouncehouse! You have good ideas. I need to bring me a man. That i***** dude sounds dumb. Good job. I color-coordinated my closet once! I went thru this phase when I used to wear all black and I would put all the black stuff at the front of my closet to the left. Then grey, then white, then colors.

  7. ronaldweasly Says:

    Megan. Next time you call yourself fat/go on a diet/ even think about bring fat I plan on slapping you. Honestly you have no idea. You’re a skinny woman and you know it. I’m sorry about g ma. It’s sad, I have no advice but a lame quote. If she’s forgetting, she’s blissfull by the “ignorance is bliss” quote. *facepalm* I suck. I hope you win the play.

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