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projectpwnnoobs.wordpress.com December 16, 2010

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lololololol free from school December 10, 2010

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Yes this is late I know it. I was doing a study session last night with someone from my civ class cause i had my final today. Also got frozen yogurt whilst studying which was pretty much omnom. Anywhoozle i think i did okay. There were a few questions i wasn’t sure of but i got a lot of the extra credit.

I’m done with all my classes and now im just waiting for my grades to get posted. So fare i have one A. If i can pull off 3 A’s and a B i can apply for hope which means free tuition. Yes plz. Im still waiting to hear from kennesaw about dorming. They say i should hear word in a week or two so im crossin my fingers.

I have to do physical therapy again for my shoulder. Bummerz. But hopefully it’ll work. I need to stop working out when im stressed. I over do it and always do shit like this, but its really the only thing that de-stresses me.

I can’t think of anything else right now. I’m less bummed about everything going on right now. My dads been sober since hes been sick and money issues seem to be less of a burden right now. Theres still some things that are still holding me down but i cant really talk about that now.

Welcome new peeps. You guys are pretty much awesome…i guess you can blog with us…i guess. Lololol half three. But seriously im excited about you guys writin.

Tonight I’m going to kennesaw to party it up with some friends. Its been a while since I’ve hung out with them and im pretty excited about that too.

Also one of my friends knocked up a girl and hes like..committing himself to marry the girl and raising the kid. His birthdays tomorrow so I’m going to chill with him.

That seems to be happening a lot now. Friends from highschool are talking about their kids and being married and shit. Its weird. I feel like left out, but I’m in no way ready to get married or be a father yet. It’s really weird to think I’m going to be 22 in a few weeks. My plan was to be married by 25 or 26…thats like..3 years from now. Scary thought. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if i meet the right person by then. I wouldn’t mind marrying later honestly but I wanna be a dad too…too old…do not want.


Subscribe to this chick. Shes the girl that i did that one song cover of. She’s doing a song everyday for 100 days. We talked through youtube for a while and shes really nice and super talented. She needs the subscribers.

I wish you all the best this week.


I’m only one voice in a million, but you ain’t takin that from me! 12-8-10 December 8, 2010

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Well.. this week has been kind of hectic.. hasn’t it!

I’m having a pretty good week. I’ve tried to not let our current situation down, and I’ve succeeded!

I was just at the instrumental concert for my school. I imagined it to be a no-show, but It turned out really well. A whole bunch of people came and I helped set up and ask for donations etc. I feel really good coming and supporting at these events.

I see we have new blog perspectives. I’m glad you are here and hopefully we will figure everything out.

I have a face mask on right now. I look like a ghost!!

<—- my friend editted this photo of me. but like.. she cut my face because one of my eyes is like… not as big as the other one and it was bothering her. how unfortunate. iM SORRY MY EYES ARENT EQUAL.

heres the original.

my eye. is it okay? awk. ahahahah

<—- AWK its blurry.


yeah madrigals went and sang christmas carols at the Veterans hospital in long beach today. It’s a great experience, doing that for all of those people in that hospital. a lot of them are bed-ridden. and seeing them smile and watch us as we sing is a great feeling.

<— i love this girl.

I might sing this song in a duet with my lovely kristina at our next concert. ❤



Tiny is ACCEPTED – 12/7/10 December 7, 2010

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So um. I got accepted to Pacific University. THAT’S IN OREGON. UM. YEAH. I almost threw up. Not really. A little bit. Maybe. But yeah. My admissions counselor called me to tell me and I was just about foaming at the mouth ANAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH while I was writing this, I got a call from my admissions counselor at Albright College to tell me I got in there too AHAHHAHA HOLY TITS MAGEE two! TWO OUT OF SIX! And I sent in my portfolio for Cornish College of the Arts and my admissions counselor there said she really liked my stuff and so0o0o I am just sayin’ that I am feeling quite good.

Um. I don’t know. I did nothing this weekend. I hung out with Madison on Friday night and we reminisced about 7th through 11th grades and it was glorious. Saturday my dad, Sue, and Matt went to Red Robin for a super classy dinner… then we went to Target which is always a slightly heavenly experience. Sunday I did nothing except take notes and watch Sex and the City, really.

I’m really excited for Christmas and stuff right now. I’m in a good mood already from these two colleges that actually WANT me to come to their school and stuff, and the fact that Christmas and New Years is only a couple weeks away makes me even happier. I only bought Jess’s present which is just coffee… but I don’t know what to get anyone this year for some reason. This last year has been a fucking strange one with a lot of drastic ups and downs.

I rearranged my room? I mean… I don’t know. I have this huge wall unit thing to hold my TV, books, dvds, etc. and it makes moving things a hassle. But chuno~

I don’t have much to say this week. It’s weird that in about a month all I’ll be worrying about is midterms. This is about the time I start freaking out a little and the freaking out-ism… (what?) increases day by day until we get our midterm results. And then it usually lasts a little longer because I usually fail pretty bad at math (last year was a 39%! hahahahaha) but this year I’m more worried about ceramics. CERAMICS! WHAT EVEN!?! I hate ceramics. Hate it. I am so bad at it it’s not even funny. We started the wheel and I just can’t even do it. And for my final project I wanted to use the wheel. But meh. I’m sticking to photography from here on out.




it was an oldies kind of week



WANTED, NEW BLOGGER. December 6, 2010

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Must have the ability to be friendly

Must have the ability to care about the project

Must have the ability to care about other people

Must actually write blogs

Must not not act superior to everyone else.

Must not be a narcissist


Yes, im going there.

Patrick, my dear and loving soul mate. I hope all is well. To quote a great hypocrite

“I hate people who make BS arguments for completely no reason on ANY medium and are not prepared to handle a rebuttal.”

Although your latest and greatest blog may perhaps not be an argument, i feel the need to rebuttle.

In reference to your loving, endeering, and joyfull paragraph directed at me ; i once again see a juicy controdiciton.

“I am a very literal person and when there is very little substance besides a few facts and a big fuck you, it makes me cringe and makes me want to disprove their statement”

Now personally, upon the review of the play i see that there was NOTHING besides a big fuck you and a fake happy ending. Don’t get me wrong, i hated you too. All along. Perhaps we “got off on the wrong foot”, or perhaps it was just fate that we would discover each others foil. The thing is, you complete me. While i care about the people in the blog, and the blog in general, you clearly don’t. While i generally like people, you generally hate them. While i generally care about things in life, you are the apathetic lump of carbon that refuses to do so. I must say, not caring has it benefits. You have no obligation to be nice to people. You have no requirement to abide by general courtesy. You have no obligation to even talk to people.

Now, i wish i could say this was ALL true; but the fact is you, do care about some things. You care about the wrong things. You care about yourself more than others. You care about correcting and arguing every point. You care about your first love.

She didn’t love you back. That’s not her fault. Get over yourself. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone adheres to what YOU want.

I’d like to say, its been fun; but im opposed to outright lieing. We fought over the stupidest shit. You were a total dick to me, for no reason. i tryed being nice to you, i tryed to find a common bond with you several times. Pokemon, being mean to DJ, music, movies, and sports. No matter how many times i tryed, it never got better. We would get in a retarded fight over retarded shit. Have a symbolic break up, and get back together. The fact is Patrick, im breaking up with you. It’s not me, it’s you. You just need to focus on yourself right now. You should see other people.

Now, to directly talk about your endeering paragraph to me.

I hated you. I hated you a lot. You were the most annoying kid I’ve ever met in my life. You still could win that title. You think you’re the King of Kings and everything is about you. Theres such thing as douchebags who are also gay. Them being gay has nothing to do with being dicks. Recently, not so much. I don’t hate you anymore. I’m sorry.

How is it that i act like the king of kings? I honestly want to know, so i don’t end up like you. You act more superior than anyone else i’ve met. The fact is, you’re not that great.

The thing about “theres such a thing as douchebags who are also gay, them being gay has nothing to do with being dicks.” Well, if you actually belived this, why did you even have to bring up the word “gay”. My sexuality has nothing to do with this. Fuck off.

Now, i know how this sounds. Like im acting perfect and you’re not. I know i’m not perfect. I know i have problems. The only thing i can say is this. At the age of 16, i feel as if i know more about people, love, friendship, and caring than you ever will. Your blatent disregard for others bothers me. Your last blog was nothing short of un-neccesary and rude. Congratulations, you  sucessfully half-assed and entire year of blogs, broke your own heart, and created all sorts of problems for yourself. Have a happy life.


So hi. I got first place at my last debate meet. This a pretty fucking big deal. This is the best i’ve done at a meet, ever.

School has been kind of new and exciting since it got my new classes. We started a grafatti unit in air brush, its pretty amazing. I have a totally new outlook on grafatti. It’s not a crime, its art. We don’t really have any around here but he showed us some awesome peices from new york, la and paris. Then we watched a movie in class while doing stuff. It’s pretty much an amazing class.

So that bitchy first part of my blog was serious, we need two new bloggers. We never really put in an effort after stuart left. I refuse to let this blog die, even if i personally am the only one who writes blogs. Im not done. You all have changed my life so much. You were some of the first people i came out to. You guys listen to me. You care about me. You accept me. I honestly value you guys. Even if we’re not always online to talk, or text, or video call. We’re still here for each other. Nothing will destory that. I will folow you guys, watch you sleep, and breath in your ear before i let you go.

I wish you all the best this week



Dance like no one’s watching, then realize everyone is watching, then stop dancing and walk away awkwardly. December 4, 2010

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I’m quitting the blog. I just feel like it’s time for it. I know apologies might be the last thing you want but I’m sorry. As this is my last blog there’s a few things I would like to say. Yeah, this might end on a bad note, but since when have I ever not said what’s on my mind no matter the consequences? Firstly, I feel like this is an award acceptance speech, I’m trying to avoid that. We havent talked in forever and who knows whose fault that is. I just never feel like it. I never feel like doing anything related to this blog. I’m sorry. There’s a reason that I’ll attempt to explain later. So I’m sorry if I ever did anything wrong by you guys. I dont always do my best, but I try to. I know that. You guys really helped me last year and I’m thankful. I mean, it’s seemed like no ones wanted to be the bad guy who leaves and causes us to break up, but I just cant be associated with this blog anymore and if that’s the fallout then I really apologize. I hope you all remain friends and, as an added bonus, if you don’t hate me, me too. I guess I’ll be honest with all of you one-by-one. Cool beans.
Byron: I hated you. I hated you a lot. You were the most annoying kid I’ve ever met in my life. You still could win that title. You think you’re the King of Kings and everything is about you. Theres such thing as douchebags who are also gay. Them being gay has nothing to do with being dicks. Recently, not so much. I don’t hate you anymore. I’m sorry.
Catie: You really are one of my favourite people in the world. I wish I could do everything for you. I know that you’ll end up on top of the world and no one will hold you back. Theres no reason for you not to find a reason to smile and keep it forever. I’m sorry.
Ken: I think you’re awesome. I didnt use to think that. You were stealing Megan from me and it made me sad. When I was able to look beyond that, you’re really a real person. One of the few real people I know. I dont know what that means, but you’re just, a person. You deserve all the glory of success, whatever that definition is for you. I hope for your life to get better all the time. I’m sorry.
Megan: You broke my heart. You’re entirely the reason I need to leave. I can’t be associated with you at all. What you did to me destroyed me and I got over it, obviously, but I still need to do this. Closure? Maybe. I don’t really know. To you, I’m not sorry. I need you out of my life.
Patika: You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey. You’ll never know now, how much I love you, until you take my sunshine away. I’m sorry.
Stuart: No one leaves blogs like The Black Knight. I’m sorry.

The only thoughtful thing I’ve ever thought of is that you should all find a reason to smile. Whatever it is, find it and keep it. I think it’s just time that we stop. I think taking a break earlier would have helped us but who knows. Obviously I have reasons beyond just “I think it’s time”. So there it is. I’m sorry I’m not perfect. I try though and I know it’s not good enough but it’s the truth. We’ve been through a lot and I’ll never forget it for as long as I live. That’s a promise and I do my very, very best to keep them. I care about all of you and if we never talk again, then okay, if we do, then I look forward to it. Stay strong, there is a better world and you guys are the type of people to bring it to light.



Is It snowing where you are? 12-1-10 December 1, 2010

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Usually it would be snowing on the first day of December. I wish it was. Orange County is so boring, with our bland and typical weather patterns. I want rain. I want snow. I want something other than this. It’s just brutally cold in the morning, like 40 degrees, then it gets hot and the sun is out the entire time. I want some variety.

Five random facts of the day.

1. I need to catch up on Glee.

2. I have a boyfriend.

3. My hands are extremely dry right now.

4. Madrigals is going to start caroling soon!

5. I’m happy.

<— me in big glasses in los angeles today.

I went to Los Angeles for a doctor appointment today. I haven’t been taking my sertraline and it was just a check up, but now i’m going to start taking 25 mg because i don’t even take 50 when i’m supposed to. I’m kind of scared. I’ve never been off of medicine before. It’s going to be a big change. I used to rely on the medicine. and I mean… some of you may think thats a bad thing, but at the point I was at in 4th grade, It was all I could do. And i say that in combination with the hospital treatment and the months of therapy, medicine was a key component in my survival back then.

On a lighter note.

My favorite christmas song. IT REALLY GETS ME IN THE SPIRIT.

It’s that time of year again guys. I cant wait. Christmas is the BEST.

Madrigals is caroling soon. We have a lot of gigs this year. It’s going to be a busy month because I am going to go to all the gigs because I’m a senior and I need to cherish every last memory of madrigals before it all fades away. I can’t believe this is my last year. Madrigals has shaped the way I want to live, and has given me a path and made me stronger. Mr. Jamora, our teacher, has given me a gift that I can never repay him for. I have a passion for music and I know that no matter where I go or what I do this passion is going to follow me throughout my entire life.

It was keekend this past weekend after thanksgiving. I hung out with kiara pretty much the entire weekend. It was so great. I LOVE KIARA. she literally makes everything better and is such a true friend. I can always trust her. wanna see a pic of us kissing?

sooooo realistic… yee?

I cant imagine going away to college and not being with kiara every day. Although our friendship is pretty new, we are so alike and will always be friends. I can feel it. Also, omg after college we both wanna move to new york or something or boston together and live together and HAVE FUN. ❤

I’m looking for a dress to wear to winter formal. I want to look really pretty. this quite possibly could be the last dance i go to where i have a chance to look pretty. Next dance, prom, is right after the spring musical. and I’m going to have to cut my hair into a bob for that. so… yeah. a bob. ew. although I may look good with a bob. we will see.

Love you all!

❤ Megan